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Hair Services

Hair Services


As a leader in the hair and salon industry, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to providing services to our clients.

Basic Services
Basic Services

Includes shampoo and conditioner

Barber Cut$20 
Haircut Only$25
Precision Cut$28 
Cut Nape Only$25 
Blow Dry & Curl$40
Roller Set$45
Blow Dry, No Curl$27
Mold, Waves, or Wrap$45
Crimps or Spiral Curls$55 
Rod Set$55
Press &Curl$47
Silk Press$50
Wax Curls$50
Up Do$50
Basic Pony Tail$48 
Add on Services:
with trim add

with haircut add$20
long hair add$10
Perms & Relaxers
Perms & Relaxers

Includes haircut, blow dry & curl

Perm Wave$95
Nape Only$25
Wave Nouvea$100
Curl Follow-Up$35
Up Charge$15
Virgin Relaxer – Add$10
Does not include haircut, blow dry & curl
Hair Color
Hair Color

Does not include hair styling

Color Conditioner$20
Permanent Color$38
Double Process$68
Custom Coloring by Consultation
Weave Services

Hair not included

Weave Sewn In- Per Track$25
Weave Removal$25
Partial Track Sewn$15
Full Head Sewn In$202
Weave Bonded – Per Track$10
Full Head Bonded$100
Natural Hair Services
Basic Cornrows$30
Detailed Cornrows $45 
Two Stranded Twist $75 
Crochet Braids$150 
Add Hair $55 & up

Lace Front Wigs

Requires consultation & a $250 non-refundable deposit

Full Head $800
Hair Extentions
Hair Extentions

By Consultation only

Full Head $1400 


Valarie Gaskins Futch

Excellent service, professional staff and very relaxed atmosphere. Best part is that I have never had to wait for my appointment or spend half of my day in the salon!!! Please don't change because it's hard finding a nice, clean and professional hair salon!!! BTW shout out to Dave!
Ruth Simms

Ruth Simms

Amazing service , staff very professional and my stylist was great she answered all the questions I had about getting locs. I will be back new hair do new hair salon. Next appointment already booked.
Marsha Corelien

Marsha Corelien

Amazing service, excellent staff and they make you feel valued. No need to look anywhere else for quality hair care. Book your next appointment today!
Dawn Reaves

Dawn Reaves

It was my first visit. It was clean and staff were nice. I'll be back.
Anyai Raé

Anyai Raé

Absolutely amazing service! Everybody and everything was great and welcoming! Thanks Lotus!
Robert O'Donnell

Robert O'Donnell

The Best Salon in Philadelphia! Big, clean, and professional!