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Waxing Services

Waxing Services


You can have waxing done at a waxing studio or a day spa. Although many places provide waxing services, not all offer the same quality of care and affordability as what you will find at Lotus Beauty Spa. With our waxing services, you can select from different options. For waxing hair removal, one of the most popular is sugar waxing. This procedure is both safe and non-irritating. For superior waxing services, visit our beauty salon that specializes in this area.

Epilator Vs. Waxing: Which One Is Better?

There are different options, including epilator vs. waxing. An epilator is a small device used at home. Waxing service is something performed by a professional at Lotus Beauty Spa. Of the two, there are more benefits of waxing when having this done professionally. So, epilator vs waxing: which is better for you? Definitely – the latter.

EpilatorProfessional Waxing
  • Red bumps often develop since this device pulls out hairs individually.
  • Waxing removes a mass quantity of hairs at once, seldom causing irritation.
  • After one treatment, hair typically grows back weaker and thinner.
  • Waxing removes hair and dead skin for silky smoothness.
  • This procedure causes more pain.
  • Our procedure is virtually painless.
  • Some people think an epilator is more convenient
  • As a local salon near easy access roads, others find our service more convenient.

What Are Waxing Specialists?

Waxing specialists are highly trained individuals. The procedure is performed in a sanitary environment using the best waxing products. Our aesthetician will apply the product to your skin, followed by placing a cloth on top. When pulled off, it too removes hair from the roots but in mass quantity. As certified professionals, all waxing specialists at Lotus Beauty Spa genuinely care about every client they pamper. 

Choosing the Right Waxing Studio

If you are tired of typing out “waxing salon near me” and not seeing quality salons in search results, your search ends with Lotus Beauty Spa. Remember, there are other waxing places near me as well, but none compares to what we offer. For outstanding services, stop by our Wyncote, PA, location or call (215) 376-0430. You deserve to look and feel your best, whether you are a lady or a man. No more searching for a “waxing salon near me”! 


Review from Ruth Simms
Ruth Simms
Amazing service , staff very professional and my stylist was great she answered all the questions I had about getting locs. I will be back new hair do new hair salon. Next appointment already booked.
Anika Benson
Anika Benson
I Love this salon. I’ve been apart of the team for 18 years. Great staff. Friendly atmosphere. the staff are like family. And they treat their client like they are apart of the family. They were great as formally known as Xquisite Hair Design and now Lotus Beauty Spa. Rasheena has been doing an amazing job as the new co-owner. Keeping the good standards of the salon going. Keep up the good work.
Review from Valarie Gaskins Futch
Valarie Gaskins Futch
Excellent service, professional staff and very relaxed atmosphere. Best part is that I have never had to wait for my appointment or spend half of my day in the salon!!! Please don't change because it's hard finding a nice, clean and professional hair salon!!! BTW shout out to Dave!
Review from Marsha Corelien
Marsha Corelien
Amazing service, excellent staff and they make you feel valued. No need to look anywhere else for quality hair care. Book your next appointment today!
Review from Dawn Reaves
Dawn Reaves
It was my first visit. It was clean and staff were nice. I'll be back.
Review from Anyai Raé
Anyai Raé
Absolutely amazing service! Everybody and everything was great and welcoming! Thanks Lotus!
Review from Robert O'Donnell
Robert O'Donnell
The Best Salon in Philadelphia! Big, clean, and professional!
Hannah Russell
Hannah Russell
I get compliments all the time. Highly recommend this salon! Big thanks for giving me a new look for fall!
Davia Anderson
I've been going here for years. Never had a bad experience. My hair was always properly taken care of and sharply styled. Would reccomend to everyone.